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DoktorWare – Clinic Management System – HIPAA Compliant

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ICD and CPT support
HL-7 Compatibility
Automatic Appointment Reminder
Online appointment and registration request
Complete patient history
PDR for Drugs and Diseases
Transcription support
PDA Integration
EDI Integration(ANSI ASC X12 835 and 837)
Batch Bill and Claim Generation
Backup facility for Database and EMR
Print/Fax/Email facility for all reports
Custom Report Generator
Audit trial
Advanced search options
Automatic BMI and BSA calculator
Patient can communicate with doctor through web

== Security ==
System wide security to address Privacy & Security compliance for HIPAA.
User password controlled and administrator controlled modular access

== Professional Solution ==
Save time of patients as well as emloyees.
Helps in effective use of hospital resources.
Increased patient care and satisfaction.
Leads towards paper-less workflow.
Instant and Accurate access to patient data/recors.

== Economic Solution ==
Coder Department can be eliminated through DoktorWare prescription facility.
Avoid clearinghouse expense by automated sending/receiving insurance claims.
Less manpower requirements in whole departments.
== Advantages ==
Complete interfacing of all clinic functions allowing for better coordinated patient care.
Perpetual tracking of patients, employees and medical records for more accurate information management.
Integration of transcription system leading to cost minimization.
Consolidation of activities leading to efficient time management.


Smart Clinics Software

Requirement :
a. Service registration, process can be inputed via SMS, WAP and Web.
Media SMS Scenario :
Member-> Send SMS registration and identity of member
System -> System will check availability and system will replay about status and ask select service
Member-> Send SMS select service
System -> System will replay about schedule time

Media Web Scenario 1 :
Member-> Member call to customer service
Operator -> Input into System as quotation
Member-> Member have came into clinic
Operator -> Create tag as customer

Media Web Scenario 2 :
Member-> Input into Web system
Member-> Get tag as customer and time of schedule
Member-> Member come to clinic
Operator -> Create tag as customer

Media Web Scenario 3 :
Member-> Member come to clinic
Operator -> Create tag as customer

b. inquiry Service
Service include rooms
c. inquiry new doctors
d. inquiry new rooms
e. inquiry new schedule

Actually, there are some software to create database model, for example Power Designer, ERWin, Toad data modeler, Microsoft Visio and etc . But I think after compared, power designer is the best. Why it is the best,it have good visualization and easy to modify about entity and relationship between entity. This tools have the good about easy to generate figure and sql script. You just choose kind of database, and it generated.

Sybase as developer this software have shared trial edition as long 15 days. you can download in after that install into your PC, very easy to install because you just click next and next, very standard of windows software installation.


On this software you will know about :

a. Entity, entity is an object on system have some attribute or specification and it have relationship and activity doing in the system. Example : on schools system, teacher, student is an entity. symbol of attribute on Power designer is 2.jpg

b. Attribute, attribute is some specification and detailed spec of entity. for example Teacher have attributes : Name, teacher id, sex and etc.


c. Relationship, connectivity of between 2 entities


Robert Green, “Expert CAD Management: The Complete Guide”
Sybex | ISBN: 0470116536 | April 30, 2007 | 288 pages | PDF | 3 MB

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An Indispensable Resource Packed with Practical, Real-World Advice

Get the strategies you need for successful CAD management in this one-of-a-kind resource. You’ll learn the basics—such as how to assign tasks, set budgets, and formulate ROI—and delve into more complex issues. How does one prioritize? How are standards best formulated, written, and introduced? Is the goal to do projects faster or cheaper—or both? What are the common myths of CAD management and how can you debunk them? Full of savvy insights, techniques, strategies, and examples from the field, this practical book will broaden your technical, business, and management skills both in and out of the world of CAD.

* Assess the capabilities of your people and resources

Formulate, write, and communicate in-house and vendor standards

Establish a budget, find cost savings, and determine ROI

Manage intellectual property, file security, and document control

Get involved with network and IT planning

Sell your ideas to management and end users

You’ll also find configuration tips for specific engineering environments such as manufacturing, AEC, and civil engineering, as well as for specific software applications including AutoCAD®, SolidWorks®, and more.

“You’re sure to find helpful techniques within this book to make your CAD management role more effective and productive.” —Lynn Allen, Autodesk Technical Evangelist and Cadalyst columnist

“Robert Green draws on many years of real-world experience as a CAD manager and consultant to deliver recommendations that work for any size and type of organization. He’s the top resource for CAD managers looking to increase performance and efficiency.” —Sara Ferris, technology writer and editor, former editor of Cadalyst

“With over 20 years of experience, Robert Green is an accomplished expert who understands the issues and pressures revolving around CAD management. He has developed a strategy that is clear, concise, and direct in solving those issues.” —Matt Murphy, speaker, trainer, and author, ACADventures

“In order to be effective as a CAD Manager, you must stay current and knowledgeable, and Robert Green has the subject covered for you.” —Shaan Hurley, Worldwide MyFeedback Programs Manager, Autodesk, Inc.

“His timely tools and ideas have consistently placed him as one of the highest rated instructors and consultants in the Autodesk community, and now, we get a recap of those tools and ideas presented in a book. FINALLY!! Fantastic!!” —Dan Dolan, President, CADLearning by 4D Technologies

“Robert Green has a great combination of philosophy, real life experience, and raw data that can give you the insight and advantage over your competition.” —Yoshi Honda, President, Pacific CADD Services, Inc

Tim Grey, Peter K. Burian, “Photoshop Elements 5 Workflow: The Digital Photographer’s Guide”
Sybex | ISBN 0470100869 | March 6, 2007 | 286 Pages | PDF | 26.8MB

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Digital Texturing and Painting
New Riders Press | ISBN: 0735709181 | 360 pages | August 19, 2001 | PDF | 36 Mb

This book takes you outside the studio and walks you through the museum of life. This full color book combines traditional texture creation principles with digital texturing techniques to enhance your scenes and animations. In the first half of the book, you will learn about the history of textures in fine art and in the second half, how to apply these principles to your 2D and 3D digital scenes.

Download – (36 Mb)

By David Huss,&nbspDavid Plotkin” Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 1.1 for the Professional Photographer “
Publisher: Focal Press | Pages: 208 | Date:2007-10-22 | ISBN:024052067X | 15MB





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